Year-Round Paradise for Fishing - Pinellas County!

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Some of you know that Pinellas County is a paradise when it comes to great fishing opportunities, in both saltwater and freshwater.  There are canals, lagoons, shorelines, lakes, and hundreds of retention ponds full of fish!

You never know what you are going to catch when you’re fishing in saltwater. You can go with your children to a seawall or a bridge or any other access to saltwater and with live shrimp or even cut-up bait you can catch mangrove snapper, sheepshead, trout, redfish, and the prize inshore gamefish, the mighty snook!!

For those who prefer other options, use artificial lures like jigs, mirror lures, other lures, or live baitfish.

When it comes to freshwater, there is an amazing supply of largemouth bass in virtually every retention pond and lake in the county. A plastic worm, a floating frog lure, or spinner bait will very easily get the attention of bass as large as 8 pounds! 

There are videos on YouTube that can give you more tips on fishing here in Florida.  So, if you happen to live on or near water, saltwater or fresh, take advantage of the hobby that many northerners wish they could exercise in these subtropical waters that we enjoy year-round!