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Real Estate

Home buyers often feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task they are about to undertake. It is SO important that you find a REALTOR to work with, whom you can trust to advise you throughout the process.

Reasons why you should work with a REALTOR

·        They are knowledgeable and professional and they represent you

·        They offer thorough consultation to determine your unique wants and needs in a home

·        They offer advice on making offers based on expert market evaluation so you don’t “overpay”

·        They are a committed ally who will complete your purchase contract, present your offer, and

          negotiate on your behalf

·        They assist in preparation of all closing documents and guidance through the closing process

·        They offer assistance with any post-close issues

What will an agent do for me?

·        Organize and schedule homes to view based on your unique specifications

·        Personally tour homes and neighborhoods with you

·        Keep you informed of new homes on the market

·        Advise you of other homes that have sold and for how much

·        Work with you until you find the home of your dreams

SIX Steps to Remember When You are Looking to Buy a Home:

1.      Choose a REALTOR

2.      Obtain financial pre-approval – we can help!

3.      View homes through listing search campaigns and in person – we coordinate everything

4.      Make your offer once you find the ONE! – we put together the offers that give you an edge

5.      Get inspections: property, termites, pool, etc. – we can help step-by-step

6.      Final review of Contract and close!


Frequently Asked Questions about working with a REALTOR:

How will you tell me about the newest homes available?

The Multiple Listing Service Website provides up-to-date information for every home on the market. Agents constantly check the New on Market list so they can be on the lookout for their clients and then send this to you via your portal ASAP.

Will you inform me of homes from all real estate companies or only the company you affiliate with?

You will be kept informed of all homes. Agents want to help you find your dream home, which means they need to stay on top of every home that’s available on the market.

Can you help me find new construction homes?

Yes, agents can work with all builders and get you the information you need to make a decision. On your visits with the builder, your agent should accompany you. By using and agent with a new construction home purchase, you will receive the services the agent offers, as well as those provided by the builder, at no cost to you!

How does for sale by owner (FSBO) work?

Homeowners trying to sell their home without agent representation are usually doing so in the hopes of saving money – but often they list over value. If you see a FSBO and want the advantages of an agents services, let your agent contact the owner for you and make an appointment. Most times the homeowner will work with an agent even though their home is not listed, since the agent is introducing a potential buyer to their property.

Can we go back through our property again once an offer is made but before possession?

Usually we can notify the seller and schedule a convenient time to visit the property again. Immediately before the closing, you will have a final walk-through and inspection of your new home.

Once my offer is accepted, what should I do?

Celebrate and focus on moving into your new home! You will want to schedule your move, pack items, and notify businesses of your address change. Your REALTOR is here to make this move smooth .. we work with you and take you thru the process each step at a time.

FINALLY…you get to move in and begin your life in your new home!

Call our office anytime if you want to buy, or sell, a home! 727-308-0813. We are ready to help you!