What to Consider When Looking to Build a Home

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The Florida lifestyle is in high demand and there is a surge of developer’s bringing new homes and condominiums to the market. Designed for the modern lifestyle, new homes are an attractive choice!

When purchasing a new construction property, there are items you can negotiate, which buyers often don't realize. A good Realtor who has negotiated with builders can guide you in the process to have “upgrades thrown in,” negotiate the price and appliances included as well as other things that may or may not be included in the builder’s standard features. This is where a Realtor is a huge asset for you in the process.

We believe that it is essential to have an experienced Realtor when signing any new build contract. You don’t have to pay anything as the developer bears the cost of the Realtor. Having an experienced Realtor negotiate for you means you will get the benefit of their expertise in securing discounts and upgraded feature and no surprises.

3 Key Things you need to know before buying a new build in Florida

1)      You have the right to negotiate the contract – There are laws in Florida that protect the buyer’s right to have enough time to review and negotiate contracts without losing any deposit paid.

2)      You can negotiate on a lot more than you think – finishes and upgrades; it may be more cost-effective to handle any custom finishes yourself.

3)      Just because it’s new doesn't mean it’s fault free, so be sure to get an inspection. It’s much better to find out that something isn’t working before you move in.

Having a Realtor by your side when looking at new homes in Florida will ensure that you are making sound decisions for your investment!