Realtor Relationships Matter!

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Realtor Relationships Matter! Customer Service is KEY!

Brandon and Kendra are some of the sweetest people and were looking for their first home in this crazy seller's market. Customer service in real estate is very important! We asked Brandon and Kendra to share some thoughts on their process: 

How did you pick your Realtor? We picked our realtor based on the experience that my in-law’s had with her when they bought their home (Brandon's parents purchased a beautiful home a few years ago and referred us to Vanessa Leonard Group). 

How much did you know regarding the home purchase process? I didn’t know much. I learned as I went through the home buying process.

How many homes did you view before your purchase? 10 plus

How was it working with a supportive administrative staff on a real estate team? It was really comforting knowing that they were doing everything they could to find a home for our family. 

Would you recommend the Vanessa Leonard Group? Yes, I would and will. I know someone trying to move to Florida soon.

The importance of customer service in real estate is without a doubt a critical element to success. Because the majority of real estate investing consists of interacting and communicating with people, customer service will remain a key component for success. Although not easy, providing extraordinary customer service will eventually cultivate into meaningful relationships built on trust, while also strengthening your reputation and creating brand loyalty.

Lisa Miller 

Real Estate Consultant

Vanessa Leonard Group