Buyers Market? Sellers Market? PERFECT Market!

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Real Estate

 By, Laurie Finger, Real Estate Consultant, Vanessa Leonard Group

As a real estate agent I am often asked these two questions, “Is it a good time to buy?”, “Is it a good time to sell?”, and my answer is “YES!”. 

It’s not often that we can say yes to both questions at the same time, but in today’s market we definitely can! 

For a buyer, it’s all about interest rates! 

With lower interest rates introduced in 2020 and continuing to lead us into 2021, we’ve been seeing more home buyers jumping into the real estate market.  From first time home buyers who are seeking the advantages of lower payment and higher budget options compared to years past, to people relocating out of big cities and crowded living spaces because of lockdowns and restrictions, to buyers looking for a 2nd home in our beautiful state of Florida, it is their time to buy! 

For a seller, it’s all about supply and demand which leads to higher sales prices for them equating to a higher return on their investment!  With Covid on the rise in 2020 it brought with it a lot of uncertainty and unknowns, because of this many potential sellers decided not to sell, rather they chose to “wait and see”.  

It truly has become a perfect storm for sellers.  With low interest rates creating a high volume of buyers and a low inventory of current homes on the market, sellers who are listing their homes are blown away by the outcome of what they are seeing.  From high numbers of showings the day their home hits the market, to multiple offers (this past weekend one of our listings had roughly 15 offers and 50 showings), to creative out of the box written offers by experienced real estate agents like The Vanessa Leonard Group at Keller Williams Realty, sellers are walking away knowing this was definitely the time to sell. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell in 2021 please be sure to reach out to our team for assistance.  In a market like this that is actively changing week to week you need a professional in your corner who is actively involved in this market and fighting hard for you to get you your dream home, and/or to get you the highest and best price for your home.