Biggest Bang for the Buck When Listing Your Home

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BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK in getting your home ready to sell!

By Vanessa Leonard, Team Leader of the Vanessa Leonard Group


You are ready to sell and you want TOP dollar - in today's market - not hard to do... but even today we are finding that there are easy and inexpensive ways to bring you an OFFER faster and HIGHER 

1. CLEAN the house - make sure all tracks for sliders are cleaned, all window seals wiped off, all ceiling fans cleaned, light fixtures cleaned and make sure all have working light bulbs, appliances cleaned out and wiped down and any surface is wiped down - clean all showers, toilets, bathtubs - bleaching, Windex all mirrors, professionally clean all carpets.

2. Paint - an easy way to freshen things up is using a light neutral color - Agreeable Grey by Sherwin-Williams is a WONDERFUL color that can lean towards both the grey or the taupe family. If you have "colorful" rooms like bright pinks, bright blues, greens, yellows, a neutral color will allow the home to be desirable to many.

3. Declutter - if you are living in your home when you are selling, make sure that you have as much OFF the counters as possible. In the bathrooms, get a Tupperware container and put your soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes etc. in those, making it easy to pull out to use when needed. Also, make sure you hide your pictures for showings and remove all mini appliances on counters in the kitchen - again using a Tupperware container to hide in the pantry and pull out when want to use (IE: blenders, toasters, coffee makers)

4. If the carpet is trashed - stains that won't come out and/or dirt tracks and/or really worn - then I would replace with a neutral color carpet and a step above builder grade with a better pad.  This will give the home a fresh look for showings. Some have opted for inexpensive laminate, which can run about the same as carpet, but is an upgrade. 

5. First impressions - Start with the yard - trim up bushes, put down pine bark, PRESSURE wash your driveway, roof, lanai and WASH the windows. If the home is in desperate need of paint, at a minimum, paint at the front of the home and make sure the door pops - a new color can sometimes show the home updated and is not expensive to paint. If needed, add a new doorknob if the current is worn.

These items are not outrageous and WITH THE RIGHT AGENT - they can guide you and offer vendors who are skilled to do the items needed for a great price. 

Below are some before and after pictures that brought quick sales and top dollar because of a small investment...